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Block ads, navigate fast and improve privacy!

You can easily set diffentes category to block in order to reduce your data usage, improve webpages loading time and protect yourself from malicius ads!
AdBurn is what you need now!
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Stop all the ads with only few tap!

AdBurn is easy to install and fully compatible with Safari!

  • Block ads on iOS
  • Block malicius ads
  • Work both on Wi-Fi and cellular
  • Block user trackers to protect your privacy
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Block ads on iOS

You can finally block all the annoying ads that pop on the page!

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Block malicius ads

Block dangerous ads that could lead to malicius situation. Better safe then sorry!

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Work on Wi-Fi and cellular

The only app that works both on Wi-Fi and cellular, easy to install and 100% secure!

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Improve your privacy

Do not be selfish! Share your media with your friends and have fun together

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